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5 Reasons You Should Be Sending Holiday Cards

Cupcake Chardonnay with custom holiday card

  • Remember when you were growing up and your mom would send out holiday cards to everyone you had ever known? Well, now that you’re full blown #adulting, and let’s face it, full of nostalgia, it’s time for you to carry on this tradition. Hear us out, as we’ve got 5 reasons why you should definitely send out holiday cards this year. To help you spread a little extra holiday joy, we have custom cards for you to download. 

To make your grandma smile 

  • This is arguably the most important reason on this listYour grandma will be so beyond happy that you took the time to write out a holiday card specially for her. She will proudly display it on her fridge and show it off to all her friends. It will brighten up her holiday season, plus you can take the opportunity to make sure that she has an up to date (and cute!) photo of you to show people. 
  • hello, #networking opportunity  

  • Oh hey, we see you trying to climb that corporate ladder, and we admire your hustle. Whether you’re just getting established at your company, or you’re trying to find new ways to be noticed by influential execs, sending personalized holiday cards to some of the people you admire in your network is a wonderful way to make a lasting impression. Brenda in accounting will wish she thought of it first. 
  • Reconnect with old friends 

  • When was the last time you saw your long-distance bff? We know you probably text with them often, or maybe you even talk to them on the phone semi-regularly. But we bet you can’t remember the last time you took a moment to sit down and write them a letter, and then send it off via snail mail. Sure, they’ve seen your most recent adventures via the gram, but a nice handwritten holiday card will surely make them feel special. 
  • Make a move on your crush 

  • Cuffing season is officially here, so it’s the perfect time to make a move on your crush if you haven’t done so alreadyStand out from the crowd and be extra this holiday season by sending them a handwritten holiday card. Instead of sliding into their DMs, slide into their actual mailbox. It’s a bold move, and it might just lead to you sharing a bottle of wine and watching holiday movies together. Fingers crossed! 
  • Spread holiday joy 

  • We could all use a little more holiday cheer in our lives. Share the holiday joy with your neighbor, local delivery person, and your regular coffee shop barista. Take a moment to acknowledge the people in your life who bring small moments of joy into your life every day. This small act of kindness can make huge impact on someone’s day.


Cupcake Vineyards Holiday Card White Christmas


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February 18, 2022
Cupcake Vineyards, Livermore, CA

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