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Where warm days give way to cool nights, and grapes hang on the vines slowly soaking in the sun, there’s no better way to celebrate the small moments of joy, every day. Inspired by the indulgent treat that evokes joy and anticipation, Cupcake Vineyards offers an extensive portfolio of finely-crafted wines to help you celebrate your everyday moments of joy. Our winemaker explores vineyards all over the world – including in our backyard, California’s Central Coast – to source some of the best grapes possible for Cupcake wines, then works in our cellar to let their natural characteristics shine through in our wines.

After introducing a small selection of fruit-forward, creamy wines in 2008, we’ve grown our portfolio to include a wide variety of delicious red, white and sparkling wines. From California classics to favorites from some of the world’s preeminent grape-growing regions, our wines all share a balanced style that makes it easy for you to switch from one Cupcake wine to the next, celebrating the small moments of joy.




Our winemaker, Jessica Tomei, has spent more than 10 years chasing the vines through some of the world’s finest wine regions and takes a hands-on approach to winemaking, starting in the vineyard. After working alongside growers to ensure our grapes reach the perfect ripeness for our wines, Jessica brings out the truest grape expression for each varietal in our cellar, letting the vineyard shine through to create rich, creamy and delectable wines.

A third-generation Californian, Jessica grew up in a close-knit Italian and Greek family with a love of food and wine. She remembers helping prepare delicious Italian and Greek dishes and enjoying leisurely family dinners that stretched well into the night. Nowadays, it’s not uncommon for a Tuesday night dinner in her household to turn into something special with a glass of wine – Cupcake, of course.

Jessica received a bachelor’s degree in Viticulture & Enology from the University of California, Davis, one of the world’s most respected universities for the study of winemaking, and completed her first harvest in Sonoma. Since then, Jessica has completed nearly 20 harvests around the world, working at vineyards in Tuscany, Italy; Napa, California; and Chile. After settling in California, Tomei created original wine for her family label and consulted for a boutique winery in Napa. Most recently, Jessica and her husband worked as independent winemakers.