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The Perfect Mimosa for every Brunch Personality


Brunch is perhaps one of the most universally loved meals of all. It seems no matter where you are, people of all ages gather together on weekend mornings to enjoy the elaborate yet leisurely meal. Going a step further, there’s one cocktail that seems to be even more beloved than brunch itself: the classic mimosa.

At Cupcake Vineyards, we truly believe that few pairings are better than Mimosas & Brunch. As we often do, however, we wanted to put our own spin on this classic. Thus, we created a special mimosa series pairing brunch food with unique mimosa cocktails.

Whatever your specific tastes and brunch personality (yep, everyone has one!), Cupcake has the perfect Mimosas & Brunch pairing.



The Adventurous Eater – Unicorn Mimosa

For the most adventurous brunchers who are anything but basic, there’s the colorful, candy-laden Unicorn Mimosa — paired with rainbow sprinkle pancakes, of course. Who ever said rock candy and edible glitter weren’t for breakfast, anyway?


The Social Butterfly – Unbirthday Mimosa

This cocktail, adorned with vanilla frosting and sprinkles, is for those who love any- and everything Instagrammable. It truly doesn’t get much more photogenic than this pretty pink drink, especially when it’s served alongside waffles topped with fresh fruit and a healthy dusting of powdered sugar.



The Party Planner – Rainbow Crisp Mimosa

You do what you want, when you want, and your squad is happy to follow you. For you, Cupcake created the Rainbow Crisp Mimosa, our take on a classic Gin Fizz. The unofficial organizer—who also happens to be the life of the party—deserves nothing less than a colorful, one-of-a-kind cocktail. It only makes sense to pair it with a classic but somewhat surprising bowl of cereal!

The Creature of Comfort – Sunrise Mimosa

If you’re someone who rarely breaks away from the status quo and lives by the saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” you’ll love the Sunrise Mimosa. Combining beloved cocktail flavors into a classic mimosa, this drink almost feels like you’re trying something new, but secretly, it’s deliciously comforting — especially when paired with a refreshing acai bowl.

The Indecisive One – Grapefruit Mimosarita

We all have That One Friend who can never decide what to order. And now, we have the perfect solution: the Grapefruit Mimosa. A marriage of two of the best classic brunch cocktails, this refreshing sipper is a little bit Mimosa, a little bit Margarita. Paired with an avocado toast flight, this pairing has you covered no matter what you’re feeling like!


Cupcake Celebratory Wines are the perfect excuse to gather your friends and host a fun Mimosas & Brunch event! Pick up a couple of different bottles and start planning your brunch to add more joy to your weekend. Don’t forget a few boxes of cereal and some waffle toppings! Cheers!

April 7, 2022
Cupcake Vineyards, Livermore, CA

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