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Wine Pairings for Awkward Thanksgiving Moments

Wine Pairings for Awkward Thanksgiving Moments

No one will ever understand why Thanksgiving, of all holidays, is the one where your great aunt, future mother-in-law, and cousin’s kid feel inclined to discuss the most uncomfortable things. Thankfully, we’ve put together a list of wines that will help you navigate those awkward Thanksgiving moments.

Thanksgiving conversation with glasses of Cupcake Vineyards Red Velvet

Cupcake Wines Paired with Awkward Thanksgiving Moments

When They Need to Know the Exact Date of Your Wedding…Sip on some Sparkling Rosé

Going to family functions solo can be hard, which is why we think bringing the new love interest is a great way to survive the festivities. Well, if you do this there is a good chance one of your aunts, cousins, or grandparents will drop a marriage question and you’ll spend the rest of the night silently dreading the drive home together. So here’s our solution…come to Thanksgiving dinner with a perfectly chilled bottle of Sparkling Rosé – and when the relationship questions arise simply laugh, pour yourself a glass, and say “cheers to not rushing life!”

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When Baby Questions Arise When You Haven’t Dropped the News…Toast with Red Velvet

Thanksgiving conversation with glasses of red wine

Where there’s a serious significant other there will be baby questions. Your future mother-in-law may be asking when she can expect grand babies, or you may be pummeled with “are you pregnant yet?” questions from your cousin’s kids who appear to have no filter. Well, these questions get 1,000 times more uncomfortable when you actually are pregnant and haven’t broken the news. The best way to answer is to pass a bottle of Red Velvet around the table and tell the family that it’s time to toast. There’s no better way to give thanks then to celebrate a new bundle of joy. If you aren’t yet ready to tell the family, survive the terribly uncomfortable questions by laughing and shifting the question to your S.O. before excusing yourself from the table.

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When Following a Certain Dietary Lifestyle Is Suddenly a Big Deal…Grab the Rosé

No one has any questions or concerns about your dietary restrictions until Thanksgiving, and then you get an earful of questions like:  you’re gluten free? How long have you been a vegetarian? Who doesn’t like stuffing? Our Rosé is a true crowd-pleaser, so calm the herds by telling everyone how well a dry, crisp Rosé pairs with almost every Thanksgiving meal offering.

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When Traditions Must Not Be Broken…Pour the Sauvignon Blanc

Most of us have that relative who must do everything the same every Thanksgiving. From the way the turkey is cooked to the type of cranberry sauce served, these ‘family’ traditions can get old. While the family is debating using jellied cranberry sauce instead of whole-berry sauce, take a moment to yourself and enjoy a sip of our bright and refreshing Sauvignon Blanc. Look on the bright side, tradition must taste delicious, especially with a sip of Sauvignon Blanc!

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The Inevitable Political Debate Calls for a Glass of Chardonnay

Cupcake Chardonnay being served at the Thanksgiving table

Everyone has opinions, and very few families share the same opinions, yet Thanksgiving seems to be everyone’s favorite time to talk about it. Trust us, you aren’t the only one who’s itching to get out of the room. Our Chardonnay is rich and buttery, just like your quick escape from the arguments brewing during dinner. Excuse yourself from the war zone for a glass of Cupcake Chardonnay and hunker down in the kitchen until grandma brings down the hammer.

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When a Sports Feud Makes an Appearance…Raise a Flag to a Bottle of Pinot Grigio

A family holiday during football season is a call for seriously awkward Thanksgiving dinner conversation. Whether your team is winning or losing, things can quickly get out of hand. It’s all fun and games until it’s not, so call a penalty early on by passing around a bottle of Pinot Grigio!

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When an Awkward Silence Comes from an Awkward Conversation…Pop the Prosecco

Any of the above awkward Thanksgiving moments (and any moments we may have missed) are cause for an awkward silences. In fact, it’s basically guaranteed to hit a very awkward silence during Thanksgiving dinner. Break the ice with a pour of Prosecco and a fun fact like… “Did you know that Prosecco comes from specific regions in Italy”? Trust us, everyone is going to be thrilled that you gave them something to talk about.

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As a note, while Cupcake wines are inherently gluten free, we cannot call our wines vegan.

Let’s Predict Your Thanksgiving Fortune

Take a screenshot of the GIF to find out how we think your Thanksgiving will end!

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February 18, 2022
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