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Frequently Asked


Consumer Online Orders

Q: Can I order wine directly from the winery?
A: Yes, on Wine and merchandise are shipped directly to you from our warehouse. Wine packages must be shipped to a legal state and signed by someone 21+. No exceptions.

Q: I have a question about the status of my order. Who do I contact?
A: Please e-mail with your order #.

Q: Is there a case discount when ordering online?
A: There is a house discount of 10% on select wines.

Q: Can I mix and match wines when purchasing a case?
A: Yes, a mixed case can be different varietals from the same brand adding up to 12 bottles.

Nutrition Information

Q: Are Cupcake Vineyards wines gluten free?
A: We did not use wheat, barley or rye in the production of these wines.

Q: Are Cupcake Vineyards wines vegan friendly?
A: According to winemaking, on some rare occasions a small portion of wine may be found with eggs or other proteins – and sometimes if we purchase any of the base wine components from other suppliers it is possible that they contain minute amounts.  

Q: What are the calories, sugars and carbohydrates in a 5 oz. glass of Cupcake wine?
A: (750mL = Approximately 25.3 ounces; approximately 5 ounces = 1 glass)

Cupcake Vineyards:                                                 Carbohydrates (g)      Calories (K)

Pinot Noir, Central Coast                                                       5                           126

Petite Sirah, Central Coast                                                     6                           127

Shiraz, Barossa Valley                                                              6                           127

Zinfandel, Lodi                                                                        6                           129

Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough, New Zealand                   3                           111

Chardonnay, Central Coast                                                    4                           121

Pinot Grigio, Trentino, Italy                                                 4                           112

Red Velvet, Red Wine Blend, California                             6                           127

Angel Food, White Wine Blend, California                        5                           123

Riesling, Mosel Valley, Germany                                          7                           109

Moscato d’Asti, Italy                                                                 21                         120

Cabernet Sauvignon, Central Coast                                      5                           121

Chianti, Italy                                                                              4                           111

Merlot, Central Coast                                                              5                           127

Malbec, Mendoza, Argentina                                                 5                           125

Prosecco, Italy                                                                           5                           108

*These numbers may vary based on the vintage year.

Q: How much sodium is in the wines?
A: Table wines are low in sodium. Our winemaker says that there is approximately 5 mg per 5?oz serving.

Q: What are sulfites?
A: Sulfites are a natural by-product of the fermentation process, and as with other wineries, we add a small amount of sulfites as a preservative. The TTB, Alcohol & Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (formerly the BATF, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms), requires that no more than 300 ppm (parts per million) or 0.03% of sulfites, be added to wines. Our wines average approximately 180 ppm or 0.018%.

Consumer Miscellaneous

Q: Where can I find Cupcake Vineyards wine near me?
A: Please visit and enter required information.

Q: Is the winery open to the public/tours/tastings?
A: The winery is in Livermore, CA and is not open to for public tours or tastings.

Q. Who do I contact about any rebate questions/coupons/codes?
A. Please contact customer service at or call 800-344-8851, ext. 359.

Q: I purchased a bottle of Cupcake Vineyards and when I tasted the quality was off. Who can I contact?
A: Please e-mail with the following information: Your Full Name, Address, Phone Number, the wine vintage and varietal, details about the wine, where the wine was purchased from and how much you paid for the wine. We evaluate the situation and get back to you ASAP.

Q: Does Cupcake Vineyards also make cupcakes?
A: At this time Cupcake Vineyards does not make actual cupcakes, but our Cupcake wines are just as tasty.

Specific Wine Related Questions

Q: Where can I purchase Red Velvet by Cupcake Vineyards wines?
A: Red Velvet by Cupcake is currently available only in California and Texas.  You may contact customer service at or call 800-344-8851, ext. 359 for further details.

Q: What is the difference between Moscato d'Asti and Moscato Piemonte?
A: Asti is a designation within the Piemonte region of Italy.  The taste profiles of the Moscato d’Asti and Piemonte are similar in terms of their level of sweetness.  

Q: What is the availability of Moscato d’Asti?
A: Because our Moscato d’Asti has become so popular, we are doing our best to expand our distribution and ensure that the wine is in stock at your favorite wine stores. Should a store be out of one of the Cupcake Wines, the first step is to ask the store manager to special order it. You may also contact customer service at or call 800-344-8851, ext. 359 for further details.

For the most part, wines such as the Moscato d’Asti sell out due to their popularity. We’re grateful to our fans!

Pricing & Shipping Related Questions

Q: Why are there price differences across different stores?
A: Cupcake Vineyards sets a consistent, suggested retail price, but retail stores are ultimately in control of the price offered to consumers. 

Q: What is the availability of Cupcake nationally and outside of US?
A: Cupcake in the UK: Marks & Spencer: Chardonnay and Red Velvet only available in the UK.A: Cupcake in other countries: UK, Canada, South Korea and Brazil.

Q: Shipping: cost, reasons behind cost, why are only certain states able to be shipped to?
A: Eligibility to ship directly to a state depends on two factors:

1.     If the state allows direct wine shipments of any kind OR

2.     If the state allows direct wine shipments, whether the winery has adhered to all of the prerequisites that the state has put in place to allow direct shipping. 

Each state has different regulations and procedures that need to be adhered to.  If Cupcake Vineyards doesn’t ship to a particular state it’s because either the state doesn’t allow direct shipping, or Cupcake is still meeting the proper regulations to be able to ship directly. We’re very sorry if you can’t order Cupcake’s Wines directly. If you’d like further information, please contact customer service at or call 800-344-8851,ext. 359. We appreciate your support of Cupcake Vineyards.  Cheers! 

Retail Owner Questions

Q: Who is your distributor in my state?
A: Please e-mail with the name of your retail location and address. We will get right back to you with the information.

Q: Can I purchase a Cupcake display rack?
A: Thank you for your interest in Cupcake wines. The Cupcake display racks are custom made for us and are not sold or distributed individually.

Q: Whom can I request PR or promotional materials from?
A: Please e-mail with your information; specify which materials are needed and any other information in particular. We’ll see what we can do.