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One of our favorite things here at Cupcake is DIY. What could possibly be better than arts and crafts? Arts and crafts made from wine! With summer being especially event-friendly, we’ll show you how to make a quirky place card using leftover corks that can work for almost every event. So grab a glass of your favorite Cupcake wine and let’s get crafty!

What you’ll need: wine corks, cardstock, serrated knife, pen or marker, scissors


On a level surface, hold the cork so it stands upright. Using the serrated knife, cut a slit in the top to hold the card. (Tip: make it deep enough for the card to sit firmly inside but allow enough space on the card for your message.)


On our card we wrote a simple “thank you” with the event title and date on the back for added memento, but tailor your message to the occasion. If you’re feeling adventurous, dress up your card with ribbon, glitter, or whatever else you like. Don’t be afraid to get creative and make it your own.


Once you’re finished decorating, fit the card into the top of the cork and voila! A beautiful hand made card with your own flair. Repeat as necessary. What’s great is they can double as table markers for a wedding, food labels for a wine tasting, or even a birthday card for a friend. The possibilities are endless.

Happy crafting!